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Taking Note: Conversations with Evernote

Powered by the leader in note-taking and productivity, Taking Note dives into the realms of personal and professional achievement, entrepreneurship, and creative thinking. We interview experts and visionaries, uncovering great ideas and best practices to help you organize your work and declutter your life.

Apr 4, 2018

Too often, we let life become something that happens to us, rather than something that comes from within. We forget that we can be in control of ourselves. And we forget that the people around us can help, if we just take the time to build strong relationships.

So how do we break out of our ruts and regain clarity? How do we reclaim those dusty, forgotten goals we might have set back in January, or even decades ago? And how do we build the trust and influence that will get others on board, so those goals can become a reality? In this episode of Taking Note, we’ll hear from two experts who can guide us there.

First, we invited leadership mentor Michael Hyatt to tell us how we can reconnect with our goals and have the best year ever, no matter what month you start counting from.

Then, we’ll hear a conversation with Marvell Allen, a coach who helps people discover their leadership potential in the office, regardless of experience or job title.