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Taking Note: Conversations with Evernote

Powered by the leader in note-taking and productivity, Taking Note dives into the realms of personal and professional achievement, entrepreneurship, and creative thinking. We interview experts and visionaries, uncovering great ideas and best practices to help you organize your work and declutter your life.

Nov 14, 2017

Chris Hardwick is everywhere. From The Nerdist to Talking Dead, from stage to screen, Chris is a restlessly creative force in comedy and nerd culture. He’s also a man who purposefully re-organized his life, changing his habits to become the person he wanted to be. And he's a longtime Evernote customer, too.

For the season finale of Taking Note, we sat down with Chris to get his thoughts on creativity, motivation, and organization. We also discussed the evolving state of social media and nerd culture, and found out what the world of comedy can teach us about building up small ideas into something worth sharing.